Elderly Care
Elderly Care
Live-in care with Jacaranda Healthcare Call us now on 020 3371 9248
Live-in care withJacaranda Healthcare Call us now on020 3371 9248

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. If yours is not one of them, please use the Contact Form on the Contact us page to talk to us directly.

How Long does my Carer Stay?

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Are our Carers trained?

Can I meet my Carer before they come?

Do you ever visit me?

What Happens if I dont like my Carer?

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What Happens if I suddenly get worse?

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Can I come and visit you?

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Our Address

Jacaranda Healthcare

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N11 1GN


Contact us

Phone: 020 3371 9248

Email: admin@jhcare.org.uk


Or use our contact form.

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