Elderly Care
Elderly Care
Live-in care with Jacaranda Healthcare Call us now on 020 3371 9248
Live-in care withJacaranda Healthcare Call us now on020 3371 9248

What we do

Jacaranda Healthcare provides high quality and exceptional Live-in Care Services  and  Home Care Services. We work with a team of skilled and competent staff. We ensure that your safety, comfort, dignity, privacy and wellbeing is protected and respected as we care for you in your own home. We ensure that you are involved in every decision relating to your care, listening attentively to what you have to say about your care needs.

Compainionship allowing you to have a smile on your face as you talk with your carer

Being that helping hand when you need it in order to complete tasks 

What We Offer

We at Jacaranda Health care want to provide you with a carer that will not only be their to help you but also a compation to enjoy your life with. We do this by having trained and supportive staff come to you and provide you with the best possible care imaginable. We want to make you feel valued and important and we are only able to do that with our dedicated staff. 

Live-in Care

With this you'll be able to have a carer with you at all times as they will live with you. Meaning that you don't have to worry about your carer not being their for you at desperate moments since they will always be around to help you. This will help you live your life as you wish without any fears ,and for elderly clients this will help you significantly as you will be able to still live at home where you may have your husband or wife, pet, gardens or maybe even your neighbours while having a trained carer on hand in times of need.


This will also help with young clients that may be studying at universtiy as they will have more time being able to study, attend their job a lot more often, have a family life and live thier life as they choose. On top of all that this plan is able to be run for as long as you want it too, meaning it's a very flexible plan with high rewards for everyone.


Home Care

One of our selected carers will be comming over to you and will be taking care of you at the comfort of your home. The training we have provided to our carers means that they will be able to preform usual tasks to the very best in order, to help out with things like bathing, personal grooming and dressing, preparationo of healthy meals, medication prompting and so much more whil being a person you can rely on.


Our service is made like this so that you don't have to worry about anything and let our carer take care of every part of your lifestyle by having regular review on you, co-ordinating medical appointments and supporting our staff so that they can continue doing the fantastic work that they do.


Dementia Care

We work non-stop to make sure that our clients with dementia are not suffering in anyway and are instead living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. We hold an caring and empathetic nature to people that are struggling with dementia since it is such a terrible condition to be going through, and because of that we strive on helping them in every way possible as even the smallest things will allow them to have a smile on their face.


Respite Care

Everyone requires a break at some point, and respite care allows our carers to have a temporary resting period. This means that they are able to stop caregiving while another caregiver takes care of the person for a period of time, while the main carer is able to replenish their batteries before they go back into caring after people again.


This allows the carer to have some time where they can go back to their friends and family and relax fro a while and while they are at it they can preform some maintane on themselves as they may want to to go shopping or go to the doctor. And they are able to do this becaue their mind is at ease knowing that the person they are caring for is in good hands. 


This will also help the person that is reciving the care as they will be able to take their mind of things while they are able to interact with new people and spending time in a safe enviroment. In addition the place they will be in will allow them to attend activites that are designed to match their abilities meaning that they will be able to truly forget about some fo the bad things that are happening and simply enjoy themselves. 

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